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We have affordable plans with no setup fees and no long term contracts. You pick the plan that is right for your group and community.

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We offer powerful features that a Neighborhood Watch Group can really use, all in an easy to navigate user interface.

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P. Jensen
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Neighborhood & Community

The perfect online presentation for your neighborhood watch

Our Neighborhood Watch Group Websites can help generate the perfect online experience for your groups and associations. In fact, our Neighborhood Website is so easy to use that even a novice could use it. Just swap the default content with your own and voila!

  • Customizable home page content including images and photos
  • Electronic downloadable documents with optional group restrictions
  • Block Captain listing with contact information and photos
  • Customizable “About Us” page for community information
  • Mobile Optimized for all devices and platforms
  • No Technical Skills Required

Neighborhood Watch Group - bringing substance and vision to your members

You want your Neighborhood Website to look as good as your community does, but a lack of time or coding skills shouldn't keep from you achieving professional, custom web design for your online association. With the Neighborhood Watch Website, most of the work is already done for you, so all that's left to do is upload/replace your own photos and replace the text. Its clean, elegant design will serve as an understated backdrop for your Neighborhood Watch, and personalizing the color scheme is simple and manageable. Take a look at the demo site, and envision the Neighborhood Website with your own signature flair.

Made for Block Captains

The Neighborhood Watch Website was made for professional board members wanting to take their community to the next level by going online.

Helpful contact information

The main purpose of the Neighborhood Watch Group Website is to help you reach your community. The contact and reporting features will greatly help you accomplish that goal.

Powerful blog features

Our Neighborhood Watch site has a news overview and features to easily create your own news items. It's already set up so the only thing left to do is to reuse the pages and fill them yourself.

Stylish design

As you can see the Neighborhood Watch Group Website has a beautiful design. The design is accomplished by the spacing of elements, and the way the colors are being mapped and re-used throughout the site.

Eye-catching call-to-actions

Don't let your visitors forget why they came to your site in the first place! Encourage them to interact with call-to-action buttons located throughout the pages of our Neighborhood Website.

News & Events

Describe news and events and upcoming meetings all within your Neighborhood Watch Group Website. Simply replace the text and images with your own.


The homepage of the Neighborhood Website features an attractive overview of your most popular topics, offering visitors quick navigation to more details about each feature.

Incident Reporting

Neighborhood Watch incident reporting allows for community members to submit reports to Block Captains for the Neighborhood Watch and interact with Block Captains via the incident reporting log.
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